Triumph Appreciation Wirral

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About Us

The Triumph Appreciation story really started sometime in 1977 when Dave Evennett was looking for a new car for his family. He checked all the road tests of the day, reading accounts in the 'Autocar' and 'Motor' annuals available from the libraries of the time. Dave knew what he was looking for then and he hasn't changed much since. A good chassis with independent suspension all round and a nice capable engine driving through a wide range of well spaced gears, was top of his wish list.

After lots of careful research he decided there was only one car that could meet his requirement, a Triumph 2.5 PI Estate with overdrive. A nice one was soon acquired and Dave was so blown away by that car that he has never been without a Triumph since, many different models also having passed through his hands, some being for the use of his children when they were younger.

Things first started to get out of hand in the early 1980's when a dilapidated, intermittent running TR5 came into sight. Wow all that same technology in a lightweight sports car for a mere £400! however with TJW 622 safely secured and tucked away, much needed restoration was not possible at the time.

This didn't matter too much as the fellow across the road was running a low mileage Triumph Stag which he'd had from new. Dave soon sensed that another excellent purchase was only a matter of time away. Meanwhile a couple of 2000 saloons, another PI Estate and a GT6 for the oldest lad were keeping him busy.

By late 1990 Dave realised that he wouldn't be happy unless he owned one example of every model that Triumph had produced post war and was only rescued from imminent madness when he came up with 'the idea' of a next best solution. By now Dave, [with Stag in daily use and the TR5 just about running on a good day!] had made two new friends who lived locally, Bob Barton, Dolomite Sprint and GT6 and Peter Hall TR6.

One evening, after a pub session together, 'the idea' took shape. Let's put an article in the local paper and simply invite every local Triumph enthusiast to join us for a drink with a view to a regular meeting in the Cottage Loaf, Thurstaston, Wirral.

The first Tuesday in February 1991 was selected and much to everyone's amazement 35 folk turned up! The invite, we told them, was for all Triumph enthusiasts regardless of the model they preferred, regardless of it's condition and regardless of the use they put it too, or for that matter didn't put it too!

We said we would call ourselves Triumph Appreciation but we would be more of a forum than a club. We would concentrate on preserving the cars, providing driving opportunities together, rallies and shows etc, but above all we were about enjoying ourselves and the cars in a manner undiluted by all unnecessary doos or don'ts.

In other words there would no club rules. You partook of the bits you enjoyed and could manage. No questions asked but always a welcome given and help provided where possible. We were blessed with some unexpectedly fantastic new friends right from the beginning who soon became pillars of the future and along with many others, still enthusiastically support our ideas to this day.