Triumph Appreciation Wirral

and friends

Adventure in Wales

On Sunday 18 Jan at 11am eight foolhardy stalwarts gathered in the snow of the Tudor Rose Car Park. Six from Triumph Appreciation and two from the Chester MG and Triumph club, the latter in their MGB GTs and the former in their.. err, modern tin boxes!

After some good natured banter and admiration, particularly for Sam Evans recently restored MG, we all set off with Bob Whiting taking the lead and Dave (that's another fine mess you got me into) Evennett as his navigator! The route went into Wales via Queensferry, Harwarden, Ewloe, Northop and up onto the Halkyn Mountain. From there we went to Babell, Gorsedd and through Whitfield to Berthengam from where we dropped down to the coast road close to Prestatyn.

Once in Prestatyn the route took us left at the Cross Foxes into Fforddlas Road, from where we accessed a very steep climb called appropriately 'Hillside'. Having come off the mountains earlier there was now no sign of snow in Prestatyn and Bob thought the climb up the hill would be ok. Well it wasn't! Fortunately Peter Broadbent with his passengers Arthur and Jan Blaze were able to turn back as were Andy and Ailsa, but by now the rear wheel drive MG had gamely progressed so far up the now icy hill that turning back became out of the question when we saw the remains of the last car that had attempted the descent, the wreckage of an almost new Mercedes Benz on the verge at the side of the road.

Bob kept the engine turning at 2500rpm and in 2nd gear, with wheels spinning madly the MG continued to defy logic, continuing to creep slowly forward. Dave was all for jumping out to give a push but Bob wouldn't hear of it, which was just as well as he would surely have just slid back down the hill again. More anxiety was felt as approaching the summit the road went steeper and was reduced to half width by another car that had slid out of control into the bank. However Bob's nerve held and with steady hand and foot he eventually managed to safely complete the ascent!

We stopped at the top and finding we had a mobile phone signal were relieved to learn that the others were all safe and sound. After Bob had giving them new directions, we all set off to find the Red Lion in Llanassa and were the first to arrive. After about twenty minutes we started to worry about the others, especially when we found they were out of phone signal, however it wasn't long before they found the welcome haven.

Peter and Bob had parked their cars up a slope in the pub car park but Andy and Ailsa chose to park over the road, only for Ailsa to find her shoes lacked sufficient 'tread' to enable her to walk up the incline and into the Red Lion. Needless to say the heartless amongst us stood amused at her plight till Dave gallantly decided to go to her aid!

Once inside we all enjoyed the fire, the beer, the food and the service. The Red Lion in Llanassa is a good place to visit and the village itself delightful. I think we should be heading that way again but next time it will be on a warmer day.