Triumph Appreciation Wirral

and friends

The Way things Were

When triumph appreciation began it wasn't fashionable for the different Triumph models to club together. There was a club for Stags, one for Dolomites, one for TRs, one for the big saloons and so on. It was a need for one club for all models that created the unexpected growth we saw in the early years. The timing, quite accidental, was however perfect, soon we had approaching 100 members, a number that has declined in recent years for good reasons, but new growth is always welcome.

Amongst the first members were some great men and women, made of just the right stuff to build a good club around.

You should of course never mention names I know, but here goes anyway! Robin Bird was then a full time motoring journalist and photographer for the 'Wirral Globe'. It was he who publicised our cause in the first place and who excelled himself by following up our activities with regular articles and pictures in the local paper. This got us well know locally and one year we were the organisers of the now defunct Classic Car side of the annual New Brighton show.

Gill an Ann Owen and son Geoff own with Barbara his wife were very experienced in top quality restoration, the cars they restored always went to go on to win prizes at the most prestigious events. Furthermore they were also great mechanical engineers who could be relied upon with every aspect  of your car. Geoff is also particularly good at inexpensive suspension and brake tweaks that make old cars feel much more modern. The family now own and run the Llangollen Motor Museum which is always a treat to visit.

Two other couples, Brian and Jan Blundell and Allan and Lydia Swann joined forces and took on organised outings to shows plus looking after some regalia we had embroided with our logo.

Dave Evenett concentrated on organising rallies mainly into N Wales. John Irving was dedicated to creating an effective area at shows with bunting and his portable noticeboard that always carried photos, news of our activities and which regularly drew attention and conversation.

Stuart Montador, the owner of a garage in Birkenhead where he still trades, joined us from the very beginning. Stuart is highly regarded for his ability to diagnose as well as fix tricky problems, also his reliability and reasonable charges. As well as having restored two or three triumphs himself in the past, he has also made a number of interesting and successful engine transplants including putting a fuel injected 3 litre, 6 cylinder Vauxhall Senator motor into his 2000 saloon.

Peter Dunne is a sheet metal worker. He is one of the best welders in the business and the restorer of many Triumphs, all of which have gone on to win prizes at concourse events. Carole Dunne and Sharon Montador still regularly organise our annual Christmas Dinner which is always appreciated.

From the beginning a newsletter was published and mailed every month to the members. This helped to make every member feel part of things by keeping them all informed, since we have only one business meeting a year, open to all and at which we plan events. Otherwise it is a spontaneous, easy going, no-clique club which is popular with a lot of wives as well as men.

For many years now we have been very indebted to Ray Fields and family who between them have put together the news letter for us. These days about once every three months has been sufficient.

Previously John Sykes of TR Bitz covered all the cost of postage of our newsletters for around fifteen years, this greatly helped us in keeping our membership fee both level and nominal. We have greatly appreciated their support in many ways.