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Lost & Found: A Day in the Life of a Car Nut

Last month I mentioned Bob and Peter who, with myself, launched our local classic car club 'Triumph Appreciation'. This month I want to introduce you to Peter and of course his lovely Triumph TR6.

The day I met Peter I was driving my youngest boy Mike to go swimming in Chester, we were in our 1968 TR. In those days my Triumph was still waiting a restoration, which it was very much in need of at that time! Driving along the Chester Road (A540) about a mile past Gayton roundabout Mike and I heard something falling off the car. Not wanting to spoil the lads excitement concerning his promised treat I said, 'Don't worry about that son, we'll pick it up on our way back home.' Some time later as I trawled along the gutters myattention was drawn to a young man leaning on the gate of a nearby house. On going over to see what he wanted, what should I notice down his driveway? Yes it was the lovely red TR6 shown in this article, the year was 1990 and the young man was Peter Hall.

The rest is history, as they say but that day, I did lose a bit from my car...but I found a great new friend. The photo in the article was taken this month. The car is a 1972 model which Peter bought in 1989. These cars have straight six cylinder engines of 2498cc, petrol injection and 150bhp. They have independent suspension all round and the option of an overdrive to give them a six speed gearbox. Most of us would be content with that. However, this one has been to TR Bitz near Warrington for a few discreet little mod's to the brakes, suspension and engine and now it goes like the proverbial off a shovel and is music to the ears of anyone who loves cars.

Twenty years on Peter and I may be looking a little older but this TR still feels like its in its romper suit. These are sometimes known as the last of the great British sports cars and I think there may just be something in that!

- Dave Evennett

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