Triumph Appreciation Wirral

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Morris Minor Tourer

Brian and Jan have this delightful Morris Minor tourer which won Car of the Show in Neston, Wirral recently.

In the background on the left are Peter and John in deep discussion about their respective Triumph Vitesse Convertibles which are under going serious restoration!


1976 Triumph 1500 Spitfire

I built a Marlin Roadster kit car in 1990 which I still enjoy to drive when sunny. I retired from Heswall Group Practice as Practice Manager in 2006 knowing that one of the Doctors had a 1500 Spit which required a full restoration. Like a complete idiot I asked the Doctor that if he paid for the bits would he like me to restore it as a hobby.

He leapt at the chance!!

The job started towards the end of 2006 with dismantling down to the bare chassis. The car had belonged to the Doctor’s brother who then passed it on to their father who in turn had it transported up from Brighton to Heswall. At that stage it was untaxed but a ‘goer’ although there were a suspicious amount of brown coloured blemishes dotted about together with a surplus of misshapen holes where holes shouldn’t be. With good intent every nut, bolt and washer was to be tagged and indexed and archived for later use.


Rob & Lynne Buckingham

Make: Triumph   Model: Spitfire 1600   Year: 1979/80

The picture was taken in in the Cotswolds Autumn 2012 post preservation work by Geoff Owen. The car is as it was produced with no modifications save the addition of a CD player! The Vehicle Identification Number is TFADW1AT004005 indicating it was 5,893 from the last one to be produced. I guess this means it was probably built late 1979 or early 1980, although being on an X plate means it will have been stored for over a year before being registered.

I bought the car in February 1987 from Windsors in Heswall when it had done 7,000 recorded miles. I was the third owner, the first two owners having known each other and written to one another about the car when transferring it between them. They both lived in Wirral and I still have the letters (somewhere in the house!). I used the car everyday until early 1991 and only occasionally after that. The mileage in summer 1998 was 48,000 and now stands at just over 60,000.

Wanting to do all I could to preserve the car for the future I asked Geoff Owen to do all but render it concourse last year. I also have to thank Stuart Montadore for keeping it running smoothly.

And that's about it. Other than to say that apart from 1984 to 1987 when I owned a convertible TR7 I have owned a Triumph Spitfire continuously since the summer of 1978, this being the third one I have owned. Lynne and I did motoring holidays around Europe in models one and two, both 1500's, but my current car has not often strayed away from the North West of England.